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Umberto is an LCA with integrated cost analysis, both the ecoinvent and GaBi LCA databases can be used to provide background data for creating a full-scale Life Cycle Assessment.

Publisher: ifu Hamberg

Cost: Free

Pages: 10


Organisations involved
Ifu Hamburg is software and consulting service which specialises in sustainability. It is also a member of the iPoint Group.

iPoint group assists companies in collecting, analyzing and reporting all necessary data to assess the environmental, social and economic impact of their products and related processes.

How does it work?
This LCA tool enables you to can create a comprehensive analysis of the environmental impact (e.g. product carbon footprint) of your product. 

Such an analysis can be carried out for all types of products and services. In addition to the sustainability of your production and its environmental performance, it focuses on cost saving, too. The results can also be used for sustainability reporting.
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