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Plastics Recyclers Europe

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Recyclability tool based on plastic type and packaging format used.

Publisher: Plastics Recyclers Europe

Cost: 8979.05

Published: June 2014

Pages: 10


Organisations involved
Plastic Recyclers Europe (PRE) created RecyClass with the aim of improving the design of packaging so that it is easily recyclable into high-quality recyclate which can then be used in a new plastic product.

How does it work?
Users must first register to use the tool. The detailed analysis asks specific questions on a wide range of aspects of the plastic packaging design, assessing whether these individual elements indicate that the packaging will be easier or harder to recycle based on an A-F rating. Each individual step shows whether that design decision contributed towards a positive or negative trend, featuring feedback on why; with the option to make notes. The software can save your progress and assessments. 
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