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Recyclability tool based on material type and format, including non-plastic materials.

Publisher: OPRL

Cost: 1 Must be a member to access

Published: April 2018

Pages: Online


Organisations involved
Originally built for Australian packaging producers by PREP Design Pty Limited, OPRL have brought it to the UK and re-calibrated it to take account of UK recycling collections and recycling processes.

The On-Pack Recycling Label Ltd is a not-for-profit company which runs the runs the On-Pack Recycling Label scheme, and aims to deliver a simple, consistent and UK-wide recycling message on retailer and brand packaging to help consumers recycle more material correctly, more often.

PREP Design Pty Ltd was founded in 2017 by GreenChip, Planet Ark and Innovyz. The company manages the PREP software that is used by brand owners and packaging companies to design recyclable packaging and provide evidence to on-pack recyclability claims.

What is it?
OPRL members-only online software to assess recyclability of packaging, associated with the On-Pack Recycling Label Scheme. Assesses packaging recyclability against two key sets of criteria: the proportion of councils collecting that type of packaging and material from ouseholds across the UK; how the packaging components will travel through and be captured at UK MRFs and reprocessors. 

Free to use for all OPRL members (other than concessionary rates) in the UK and Australia, where it was first launched under PREP Design Pty Ltd.
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