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Practical Guide for Integrating Recycled Plastics into the Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Guide for integrating recycled plastics into the electrical and electronic equipment featuring advice on supply, regulatory compliance, and other business considerations.

Publisher: Eco-systèmes

Cost: Free

Published: June 2019

Pages: 20


Organisations involved
This guide has been written by ESR but features contributions from the FIEEC (The Federation of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Industries), a trade association. ESR is a non-profit collective take-back scheme accredited by the French Public Authorities, covering the activities of both Eco-systèmes and Récylum. 

How does it work?
This document is split up into six chapters:

Chapter 1)      Bulk supply of recycled plastics in regular flows

Chapter 2)      Supply of quality recycled plastics

Chapter 3)      Supply of recycled plastics compliant with specific user specifications

Chapter 4)       Regulatory aspects

Chapter 5)      Economic aspects

Chapter 6)      Marketing and CSR aspects

Each chapter includes a step-by-step guide which outlines how to successfully ensure electric and electronic products are recyclable and being recycled, working to achieve a circular economy. 
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