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PackScore (British Plastics Federation)

Interactive tool based on plastic types and packaging formats providing a recyclability rating from A - F.

Publisher: British Plastics Federation

Cost: Free

Published: September 2019

Pages: Online


Organisations involved
The tool was originally developed by RPC Group/Berry. It was subsequently developed by the British Plastics Federation following consultation with its membership and is supported by RECOUP.

How does it work?
A free online tool that poses a series of questions, then based on your choices regarding how the packaging is composed and made, it gives a recyclability score from A – F. It also asks other questions regarding other facets of sustainability, such as light-weighting. 

The tool is designed for use in the early stages of packaging design, for those who might not have all the technical information required for more comprehensive tools. It also acts as a guide and educational tool, illustrating how some design choices may sometimes influence environmental outcomes.

The tool is particularly useful for those who do not have a strong background in the technical side of packaging. 

(The A - F rating is an indicative guide only, a more comprehensive tool such as Recyclass or PREP should be used to determine recyclability) 
The rating system is based on the Recyclass system developed by Plastics Recyclers Europe.
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