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Basic self-assessment tool that covers most-frequently used materials for packaging such as plastic, paper, glass, aluminium, steel, and wood. 

Publisher: FostPlus

Cost: Free

Published: September 2019

Pages: Online


Organisations involved

This platform was developed by EXPRA's Sustainability and Packaging Working Group in response to the many requests from the obliged industry for information and support in facing the challenges attached to packaging recyclability.

EXPRA (EXTENDED PRODUCER RESPONSIBILITY ALLIANCE) is the umbrella organisation for packaging and packaging waste recovery and recycling.

Fost Plus (part of the EXPRA's Sustainability and Packaging Working Group) is a nonprofit organisation that was set up and is funded by the the recycling industry. It works alongside inter-municipalities, private waste management companies and recyclers to organise and maintain the collection and recycling process of households' mixed packaging.

How does it work?
Online self-assessment tool featuring a simple set of yes / no questions regarding whether a product has been designed according to design, labelling, collection and sorting criteria. Users must consult external guidelines in order to complete the assessment.  

Website includes a road-map based on recyclability critical control points: design, labelling, collection and sorting. 

This basic tool is based on best practices by the Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance (EXPRA) membership as well as information on how to reduce the environmental impact of packaging while optimising resource efficiency. 
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