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OpenLCA is an open source, free, life cycle and sustainability assessment software allowing companies to model and assess any product over its life cycle, from resource extraction to production, use and disposal.

Publisher: GreenDelta GmbH

Cost: Free

Pages: 10


Oragnisations involved
OpenLCA is run and managed by GreenDelta, an independent engineering consultancy and software development in Berlin. The company’s main focus is life cycle assessment and sustainability.

How does it work?
Life Cycle Assessment, or LCA, is an environmental accounting and management approach that takes into account all aspects of resource use and environmental emissions associated with industrial systems from start to end-of-life. More accurately, LCAs provide an in-depth and well-rounded scope of environmental interactions focusing on a range of processes from the extraction of Earthly raw materials and the production and distribution of energy through the use, reuse and final disposal of the product.
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