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IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen

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EcoDesign Round Table

Guide to help outline an eco-design strategy for packaging projects, including optimising resources, sustainable material procurement, usage, and recyclability.

Publisher: IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen

Cost: Free

Published: June 2019

Pages: 50


Organisations involved
The Round Table for the Eco Design of Plastic Packaging was launched by the Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen IK, the German Industrial Association for Plastic Packaging, in 2014.

How does it work?
The Round Table Guidelines consist of five steps. The key guidelines describe how to implement eco design effectively in the management of packaging projects and how to develop brand-specific environmental strategies for packaging design projects. They aim to highlight and implement management procedures, strategies and methods for the development of packaging design in line with corporate and brand environmental policies.

The five steps are:

Step 1: Definition of environmental targets for the packaging project 

Step 2: Development of the Eco Design strategy of the project 

Step 3: Application of the Eco Design strategy 

Step 4: Verification of target achievement and resolution of conflicting goals 

Step 5: Implementation
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