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Eco-Design of Packaging

Eco-Design of Packaging was designed to help make the overall product packaging environmental footprint as small as possible. Shows relative impact at each stage of the lifecylce of a product. Including GHG impact, energy and water consumption.

Publisher: FostPlus

Cost: Free

Pages: 10


Organisations involved
This platform was developed by FostPlus, an organisation that is responsible for promoting and co-ordinating the collection and recycling of household packaging waste in Belgium. Every year, almost 90% of the Belgian market’s packaging is recycled by Fost Plus every year.

How does it work?
Life Cycle Assessment, or LCA, is an environmental accounting and management approach that takes into account all aspects of resource use and environmental emissions associated with industrial systems from start to end-of-life. More accurately, LCAs provide an in-depth and well-rounded scope of environmental interactions focusing on a range of processes from the extraction of Earthly raw materials and the production and distribution of energy through the use, reuse and final disposal of the product.

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