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Recyclability tool evaluates the recyclability of packaging based on its composition and the individual weight proportions of the respective components

Publisher: Henkel

Cost: Free

Published: June 2019

Pages: 10


Organisations involved
Chemical and consumer goods company Henkel launched this tool to help retailers and packaging designers assess the recyclability of packaging.

How does it work?
EasyD4R assesses the recyclability of packaging based on composition and components including: materials, closures, labels and colours. It then records the information of the product’s sorting and reprocessing ability, via a traffic-light evaluation system.

It covers PP, HDPE containers, PET bottles, PET trays/blister, PO pot, tub, blister and trays, and flexibles. 

Information originated from public and recognised criteria catalogues, including Plastics Recyclers Europe, and has been continuously tested with companies and organisations since the tool’s launch.

The goal of the tool is to quickly and accurately assess the recyclability of packaging from the early stages of product development. 
The tool is based in a downloadable, interactive excel file. 
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