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'Design for Recycling’ for PET Bottles

These guidelines for the design of PET bottles define their ease of recyclability based on choices of colour, barrier layers, closures, label systems and other features and establish criteria that can be used to avoid the production of difficult to recycle bottles to ensure a greater supply of high-quality rPET to the market.

Publisher: European PET Bottle Platform

Cost: Free

Published: June 2015

Pages: 10


Organisations involved
This guidance was published by the European PET Bottle Platform, with assistance from experts in the plastics, packaging and recycling industries.

How does it work?

PET bottle recyclability matrices broken down by size, colours, barriers, additives, labels and other features of the bottle.

The design for recycling guidelines for PET bottles are based on the requirements for mechanical recycling of post-consumer PET bottles into applications such as bottles, film, sheet, strapping and fibres. A decision-making matrix helps categorise the impacts on recyclability. 

The goal of the design for recycling guidelines for PET bottles is to encourage everybody, including: packaging manufacturers, converters and users to adopt certain rules (abiding to certain criteria) during the development phase of a new product, to facilitate PET bottles recycling. 
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