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Data Analytics Manager

Enabling organisations to visualise their sustainability data to enable data-driven decision making and move to advanced ‘big data’ analytics that drive decisions on sustainability strategy.

Publisher: The Carbon Trust

Cost: Free

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Organisations involved
This platform was developed by Carbon Trust, a specialist partner for international businesses, governments and organisations. The Carbon Trust helps to manifest ambitious plans for a sustainable, low carbon future. The company believes that environmental sustainability and economic prosperity works in conjunction with one another as the world addresses the climate crisis.

How does it work?
Carbon Trust’s Data Analytics Manager:
• Pulls sustainability data from a range of sources across an organisation to one central secure platform managed by Carbon Trust
• Performs powerful insights on data through advanced filtering, slicing, colouring and charting techniques
• Creates ‘Dashboards’ featuring the most relevant reports as a way of monitoring activities on a regular basis
• Creates Targets and enables businesses to track their performance progress against those targets
• Creates “Stories” with interactive charts and infographics as a means of engaging stakeholders internally and encouraging change
• Configures data updates and the system will automatically pull in data from all sources at predetermined times.
• Allows businesses to easily share their Dashboards, Stories, Charts and Tables through Excel, PDF and PNG format.

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