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CITEO 2020 Rate List for Recycling Household Packaging

Citeo’s 2020 rate list for recycling household packaging was designed to reflect the shared ambition of reducing the environmental impact of packaging, developing the recycling infrastructure and preserving the planet’s natural resources.

Publisher: CITEO

Cost: Free

Published: January 2020

Pages: Online


Organisations involved
This guide was published by CITEO, the French company in charge of the Extended Producer Responsibility for household packing and graphic papers.

How does it work?
This guide encourages the use of materials that already have mature and sustainable recycling facilities (‘THE RATE’) and highlights the limitations of using packaging that disturbs recycling when there are viable alternatives available (‘ECO-ADJUSTMENT’). 

There are three types of declaration... Choose the one most adapted to your situation in 2020 according to your number of Consumer Sales Units (CSU)*.
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